About Vita Opinions      

"The rules are simple. Take your work, but never yourself, seriously. Pour in the love and whatever skill you have, and it will come out." Chuck Jones

I strongly believe that a production would benefit from my knowledge and experience which I gathered in the animation and film making industry during the last 20 years.

I am an animation director and producer with quite a lot of experience in 2D, 3D and VFX. I have worn all the hats in the production process, some of which you can't find anywhere, and some of which don't fit anymore. I've sat on both sides of the animation desk, the management side and the artist side, sometimes simultaneously (which took some doing). My experience is diverse, ranging from animator to camera-man to editor, with stints at major studios and small independent projects, and a lot of time spent overseas supervising productions. This is a time of great change in the animation industry as it becomes increasingly inseperable from gaming. With this change comes commensurate limitless opportunities, and I bring to the table an overview of the entire creative and animation process, which I've begun to realize is pretty rare.

Although my professional focus has been mainly with animation for TV-series and feature films, I have never been scared of taking up challenges within other forms of media, such as Life Action, Visual effects, Multimedia projects and even designing toothbrushes and kids bicycles for merchandising purposes.

I got infected with the games virus as I was teaching at the Games Academy in Berlin. Being a novice to the games industry, I was actually a teacher and a student at the same time. By working closely with the students and other teachers, I had the opportunity to learn a lot about all the technical aspects and I soon found that the creative challenges are not much different: It is all about storytelling and entertaining the audience. The basic tools are also not much different: character and set design, voice talent, strong images and storylines, acting and animation.

Apart from my creative work, I also feel a strong responsibility for meeting project deadlines / milestones as set by project leads and the production department. One of typical quotes is: "I have never missed a deadline in my life, and I am not going to ruin my track record with this project" . Fact is: I have always managed to deliver quality work well before deadline and within budget. By working closely with the individual artist and constantly sharing my knowledge and experience, I have always managed to exceed the inhouse and client expectations, in view of costs, time and quality.