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"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." Walt Disney



Animated TV series

26 episodes of 13 minutes for children of age 8 ´till 88

The adventures of Murai take place in two main settings: our “human” world and the cat world

Have you ever wondered where cats go at night? This enigma unfolds in “Murai” In real life Murai is a domestic cat, loved and spoiled…
At night the cats go through portals which bring them to their home world, this is were the cats are active. The human world is only used to eat and sleep. In this cat world Murai is an adolescent, only son of Patch, descendant of Aegis, a great warior. It doesn´t take long befor he gets himself into trouble and unleashes the old evil which was locked up for centuries after a fearsome battle. Now this evil, is once again unleashed and wreaking havoc, trying to become the ruler of their world. Young Murai now has the burden to restore harmony to his world… can he do it?

In co-operation with Michael Vincent and  4k-Animation







Animated TV series

26 episodes of 13 minutes for children age 6 and upwards

300 years the very first stopwatch was made.
This legendary time piece has the ability to stop time. It´s the key to next dimension. Pickpocket Enzo has stolen it, and finds out about its possibilities. But then he loses it..

The watch lands in Vics hands. Vic and Trish’ new home is the safe environment of the college grounds. Enzo´s only way to get close to them, is to take the job as school genitor. Even though he has never touched a broom or mop in his life…

Vic and Trish use the watch to have fun, but also help people. They find out that they create a cutout as soon as they start moving in the frozen world. Behind that cutout is the fourth dimension: time standstill. And in these “oceans of time”, a blue, aquatic world, creatures roam. They hunt down dimension-hoppers who enter their world. And if you have set foot in their dimension, they can even come and hunt for you in your dimension!

Until time starts running again…

In co-operation with:

Ivan Adriaenssens, Luc & Michael Vincent, and 4k-Animation